Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lost Thunder
After years of being the "Big Dog" and the only pet in our home, thanks to the baby kitten, Gizmo has lost his thunder. A baby kitten is cute and cuddly, cries allot and needs much attention, is small and light as a feather, he's just a baby...and is getting that new child attention...So our dog looks like he might be depressed. On top of that the kitten has him on the run, he's afraid of it, I keep calling him a girl, which is better than my usual daily dose of calling him an idiot! I think I've lost my thunder a few times, moments when I wasn't sure of who I was, where my place was, and wondered if I really fit. Nothing anyone could say or do was enough to make me feel better or change the way I was thinking, I just had to work it out...Maybe I can learn a lesson from my dog!

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