Tuesday, October 23, 2007

They're Back.....
Leave for a week and what do you get when you return? Northerners, Yankees in Cadillacs and RV's, eateries stuffed to the gills with 80 year olds asking for the senior discount, telling the waitresses what to do...and Walmart, aisle filled with shopping carts and motorized wheel chairs! I suppose it's good for our economy, and on the most part they are beautiful and wonderful people, they can't drive or walk fast, but that certainly isn't a character flaw. After all, we always say the South is going to rise again, who knew it would as the result of Yankees who couldn't stand the cold so they came to the kitchen! From one Yankee to 50,000...Welcome Home...We really are glad you're here!


Darrell said...

I wish I could join them!!!

You know how I despise the cold. It's been dipping into the high 30's at night, the heat is on in the house, and I am miserable.

I REALLY need a vacation!

By the way, what are you doing with a picture of Kentucky women on your blog to depict Yankees?

Neil said...

Those are S.Illinois women!