Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lost Lives
Brittney Spears lost custody of her children today...it's really a sad thing. I don't watch her and am neither a fan nor defender of her. She has made choices on her own and is now reaping what she has sown, but it is still a sad thing, after all, our society created her and now it's going to crucify her. Here is a person with charisma, talent, finances, and two precious children, she has issues and has not been able to resolve them. Recently her return to the stage was less than perfect, greatly criticized, and now her private life is being made public. But tonight when she gets home it won't be a secretary or publicity agent or a nanny explaining to her children that they can't live with Mommy anymore, it will be Brittney. Can she or should she return to show business, she probably can, I wouldn't. I would get my act together, my children back into my life, my addictions under control and tell the rest of the world where to go...this girl needs Jesus and some people in her life that aren't saying what she wants to hear but what she needs to hear. She needs people that have the ability to create an atmosphere of restoration and healing. Lost people lead lost lives, they simply need to be found...I pray someone finds Brittney before it's too late!

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Darrell said...

I hear you Neil. My heart has been breaking for this woman for weeks. I found myself openly weeping for her last night when I heard the news. It seems as if the media and Hollywood will not be happy until she commits suicide. I am praying that the Lord causes her path to cross with someone who will breath the Word of life into her spirit before it is too late.