Friday, October 12, 2007

Hangers, Ings, & Things
I have some issues and am probably in need of some serious counseling or Prozac, or both! Can anyone explain to me how clothes hangers disappear in the same house they were used in? At my house I do the laundry during the school year, without fail each week we are short a hanger or two, and no one knows how that happens. Also, when you remove a clothing item the empty hanger should never be left among the clothes still hanging, it should be placed in a designated spot, but each week I search for hangers...frustrating! And then, there's this thing of not using the "G" on ing words, like going, showin, doin, leavin, complainin, eatin...etc. What's up with that? It's kind of like preaching from the Book of Revelations instead of the Book of Revelation or talking about the Fruits of the Spirit instead of the Fruit of the Spirit...I told you I have issues! Not that I'm perfect, but it isn't hard to take the hanger off the rack and it shouldn't disappear if it's placed in the right spot and adding a "G" and leaving off an "S" wouldn't hurt anyone would it? Of course, my issues are just my issues...In fact, maybe this is just about me in the first place! And isn't it amazing how easy it is to see others issues and to make them our own, when in truth, we're still a work in progress ourselves! Maybe it's not counseling or Prozac that I need after all, perhaps I just need to relax and let life take it's course, it will all work out in the end!


Darrell said...

The mystery of why there is never enough hangers is only topped by the mystery of "Where do the missing socks go?"
It's always the same, you get an odd sock. Some don't turn up for months... if even then.
I'll bet we buy at least 50-60 hangers a year. I know we buy new clothes, but we get rid of old ones. Where do the hangers go?

Barbara said...

Plastic hangers break. I have to hunt for hangers, also. But, I disagree about not leaving them among the hanging clothes. I had rather them be right there among the clothes and then they are easy to find.

I keep pants hangers to hang up my slacks when I was them. And, they are the ones I have trouble finding! I know I have one for every pair I own, but when I wash, finding them seems to be impossible, at times!

Darrell has the same problem my daughter does. With 4 kids and her wearing socks, they never seem to be able to pair all of them up at any given time! She's forever buying socks because they seem to lose them constantly!